Back Issues

A patient’s survival guide to relieving back pain – before and after surgery

Dr. Milton L. Payne

In constant pain?

Facing back surgery and want to increase your chances of having a good quality of life afterward? Back Issues just may be the answer. Discover helpful strategies and exercises to enable you to face your back pain challenge. Written by Dr. Milton Payne, a chiropractor and back surgery patient, this book shares a patient-focused approach to give you a real-life view of what to do to relieve your own back pain.

"This book is full of information. If I had access to the various exercises provided in the book I could have avoided having three back surgeries." -Grace McKillian, back surgery patient

"Finally a 24/7 perspective on how to live with back pain from the moment you wake up until you go to sleep at night. " - Anthony Calloway, MD, back surgery patient